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Palo Santo Thin Cut


Palo Santo Thin Cut

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Palo Santo

Wildcrafted and Sustainably Harvested

Loose Sacred Wood Natural Incense

Palo Santo natural wood sticks are long lasting spiritual incense for smudging. An ancient remedy to induce meditation and spiritual search. Great for purifying, cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits, misfortune and bad energies. Uplift your spirit and fill your space with good luck and positive energies. Comes mixed in smudging sticks ready to use, chunks to be broken in smaller pieces for group rituals, can be re-used many times.  

Suggested use for Palo Santo

For personal smudging use sticks. For spiritual ceremonies or objects cleansing, break or shave sticks in smaller pieces. Light it in a ceramic dish or shell, allowing it to burn for 1–2 minutes before blowing the flame out. Let it smolder and fan the smoke over your body, other people or any object you wish to cleanse, including your house, car, etc. Always use fire safely.

Long lasting Natural Incense

Produce of Peru