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Ethical Production

Our yoga mats are ethically handwoven. We work with a cooperative in South India which offers social programs under government control. The inhabitants have ancient knowledge of traditional weaving techniques. They use old machines that require 4 years of apprenticeship to master. The result is our line of yoga mats with outstanding, long-lasting quality and a stunning look and feel. We use only GOTS certified cotton grown without any pesticides, antibiotics, or chemicals components, as well as gumtree rubber and Ayurvedic herbs. Nothing else. The mats are dried naturally under the sun.

Each mats is unique. The natural dyeing process gives each colour a different look. There are no corners cut. It takes 4-5 days to produce a single mat. This work helps people in these communities to live a better life and to get well-paid for their work.

A positive alternative for your health

Choose to buy organic yoga essentials to create a positive impact on the environment and on your health.

In India, yoga is practiced on cotton or natural fibre mats to let the energies of the Earth flow through the body. Rubber and plastic mats block the energies from flowing naturally.

De Uria Yoga Mats protect our environment, farmers’ wellbeing and our health. All our products are made with your wellbeing and health in mind.