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De Uria's Story

De Uria is the first 100% Organic Yoga brand created by Catherine Florez de Uria in Switzerland. It offers premium yoga essentials that care about you, your mind and the planet. De Uria promotes a mindful, eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle, taking inspiration from yoga and meditation practices. Start your eco-conscious journey with us.

Our yoga mats are ethically handwoven in India. 
We work with a Cooperative that promotes micro-entrepreneurship in Kerala. Our yoga mats are made of organic cotton and natural rubber. We use Ayurvedic herbs for the dyes so that each color has a different healing property. They are made following our design philosophy: to create premium, organic products that bring sustainability and luxury together.  

A positive alternative for your health

Choose to buy organic yoga essentials to create a positive impact on the environment and on your health.

In India, yoga is practiced on cotton or natural fiber mats to let the energies of the Earth flow through the body. Rubber and plastic mats block the energies from flowing naturally.

De Uria Yoga Mats protect our environment, farmers’ wellbeing and our health. All our products are made with your wellbeing and health in mind.


CC Mavocado Pty Ltd is a small australian business that fell in love with De Uria products. ❤️ The company is now the exclusive distributor for De Uria in Australia. ABN: 86 611 350 433

If you live in Europe, we recommend you contacting De Uria Switzerland.