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Yoga Mats

Discover the De Uria collection

Our yoga mats are lightweight and foldable, the ease and comfort to carry them kept in mind. Most importantly, they are washable in order to last longer. And they smell the beautiful aromas of herbs. All our products are unique, 100% organic, Ayurvedic and ethically handcrafted. They are of the highest quality and simply the most beautiful products.

Pick one of the four colours depending on your needs:

  • The Aubergine Yoga Mat is detoxifying and relaxing. 
  • The Coral Yoga Mat (Red Sandalwood and Rubia Cordifolia) is detoxifying and for skin conditions. 
  • The Grey Mat (Vetiver and Triphala) is relaxing and balancing.
  • The Yellow Yoga Mat (Turmeric) is anti-inflammatory.