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Get Real - With Good Intentions
Get Real - With Good Intentions
Get Real - With Good Intentions

With Good Intentions

Get Real - With Good Intentions Smudge Stick

Get Real 

Ritual Incense Smudge Wand

"Activate the Wand & Manifest your Intentions"

You don’t have to act like, think like, speak like or dress like everyone else... Nor do you need thousands of social media followers... Get real and get back in touch with what really matters. You have divine given gifts and beautiful qualities that are unique to you... It’s your true authentic self that will shine through and rise above all the white noise. Wake up, open your eyes and surround yourself with genuine people who see the real you and love you.


White Sage Flower Spikes & Stems ~ Mediterranean Sage ~ Autumn Salvia ~ Lavender ~ Callistemon ~ Holy Basil (Tulsi) ~ Marjoram ~ Chamomile Flowers ~ Blue Salvia Flowers ~ Dehydrated Rose Petals ~ Bamboo Foliage ~ Jacaranda Needles ~ Corn Husk ~ Orange Zest.

Beautifully bound with 100% cotton yarn - Blue, Brown & White. Affirmation on Swing tag.

Naturally Grown ~ Handrolled in Australia ~ Instruction Guide Included

Size 14.5cm x 4.5cm Includes a guide “how to activate & use your smudge wand”

Herbs & Colours may vary from batch to batch.