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Palo Santo Charcoal Myrrh/Copal 30g


Palo Santo Charcoal Myrrh/Copal 30g

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Palo Santo Charcoal Myrrh/Copal

Charcoal Ritual Incense

For purifying, cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits, misfortune and bad energy.

Use in its own or to ignite and burn Resin, Herb or powder incense.

Directions for use

Light one tablet (or half according to what you need) in a ceramic bowl or shell, allowing it to burn for 1 minute before blowing the flame out. Place other incenses on top if needed. Let it smolder and fan the smoke over your body or any objects you wish to cleanse, including your house. Never leave your smudge incense unattended and use fire safely. 


Hand Rolled using only natural and sustainable harvested Palo Santo Sacred Wood, Golden Copal, and Myrrh resins.

100%  Natural, Handcrafted in Peru.

30g 2-3 chips of mixed Palo Santo, Copal & Myrrh.