Californian White Sage LARGE  Smudge Stick
Californian White Sage LARGE  Smudge Stick


Californian White Sage LARGE Smudge Stick

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Californian White Sage LARGE Smudge Stick

White sage is an evergreen perennial shrub that is native to the United States and Mexico. Smudging, the burning of the dried leaves, is an ancient Native American tradition where white sage is used to cleanse and purify a space or a person of unwanted or negative energies. White sage can also be used as a tea for colds, sore throats, sinus congestion, indigestion, or heavy menstruation. It is also valuable as a culinary spice, with a similar flavour to garden sage. Sage can reduce all bodily secretions (mucous, breast milk, sweat), so avoid in pregnancy and lactation.   


For smudging, place loose leaves on a saucer to burn. Gently blow upon the glowing embers to produce smoke. Use to purify body, home, office and healing rooms.

Specifications for Californian White Sage LARGE  Smudge Stick

Botanical Name

Salvia Apiana

Other Names

Bee Sage, or Sacred Sage


about 60g, 18cm x 4cm x 4cm

Organic Status

Sustainably harvested in compliance with CA PC384(a).

Country of Origin


Plant Part





Avoid in pregnancy when breastfeeding, as it may reduce milk production (unless you are trying to wean your baby.)

Vegan Friendly

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